October 27, 2017

My Style: Sequin Flats & Vintage Sweaters

This is my first pair of Aldo shoes, and I am in love. As some of you may know, I am a wee bit of a shoe addict, aka totally obsessed with shoes. My normal shoe size of 6.5 fits perfectly. They are comfortable and gorgeous. WIN.

In addition to the coolest shoes, this is my second pair of Cello jeans. They have a slight stretch and my normal size fits great. For a more petite girl (like myself), these “crop” jeans work perfectly for me in length.

Lastly, the sweater is a vintage one I found while helping my dad organize his closet. I asked him, “Do you wear this?” He replied with a big smile, “You can have it.” He hasn’t worn it since about 1987, and it’s amazing!!!!

Life update: I just had the best birthday. I feel hella old. My friends surprised me, and I was so shocked and happy that I burst into tears. So I reacted like an overwhelmed toddler, but I made up for it with my witty banter and overall awesome presence. Juuuuuuuust kidding. But not really. Xoxo. Shelly

Flats courtesy of Aldo
Sweater is vintage


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