January 14, 2018

My Style & Travel: Venice Pier


Quick trips to California are one of my favorite perks of living in Arizona. On my latest trip to  beautiful SoCal while visiting family, I was in total tourist mode. I visited the Hollywood Sign, Marina Del Rey, and the Venice Fishing Pier. One thing still on my tourist bucket list is the Venice Canals. Next time I will hopefully embrace the crowds and go for it! No matter what you're hoping to do and see in Venice, expect to pay for parking. The average cost for parking is $20-$30. If you brace yourself and plan on it, it won't sting as much. Find a safe parking lot, pay the fee, and have a fun day. Venice is normally jammed with locals and visitors, but it's an eclectic experience you shouldn't miss. You can't tell in the photos, but there were actually hundreds of people all around while I posed for these shots.

This April will be my 5th year of blogging; it's funny to think back on how shy I used to be during photoshoots. If one person walked by, I would immediately freeze up and get bright red. Now, I try my best to remember, "No ones cares. Do your thing." People do tend to stare when a camera is on you, but they are just looking to see if you're famous. Once they don't recognize you, they move on. Well, most people move on. One older, chubby guy in a Speedo awkwardly stood there in the frame just a little too close for comfort; my photographer eventually had to politely ask him to step to the right a few yards. People are too funny! I'd love to hear about your funny photo moments in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly

P.S. I have a great tip for my fellow beach babes! I have ruined numerous pairs of shoes (sandals, sneakers, espadrilles, etc.) by getting them all sandy at the beach. These Oka-B shoes are comfy, supportive, water-proof, and sand-proof (they still look brand new after being in the sand all day). I highly recommend you check out Oka-B if you're looking for beach and pool shoes that are fashionable and classy. They also offer flats and wedges which are a blessing for beach weddings, special occasions, and looking fabulous! For size reference, I wear 6.5 and their size small fits me great. Happy shopping!

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