January 29, 2018

Beauty & My Style: Hashtag Throwback with Sephora

Sephora recently released 40 lipstick shades in a new collection called #LipStories. Helen Phillips, national makeup artist for the Sephora Collection, said in a press release, “#LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection is an amazing new line of 40 highly pigmented and long-lasting shades. These collectible shades were created to celebrate wild adventures, favorite moments, and magic memories that are yet to come, so embrace every color and texture in real life and share your story with us!”

In addition to eye-catching packaging, the lipsticks have great names. There are ten families of four lipsticks each; the family names include the following: Brunch Days, Festival Vibes, Global Citizen, Hashtag Throwback, Holidaze, Lady Business, Pool O'Clock, Spring Break State of Mind, Top Down Life, and Wifed Up. The four I was gifted are from the Hashtag Throwback family, which includes the shades 35 Take a Bite, 22 Little Magic, 29 Malt Shake, and 41 Take a Spin. The Hashtag Throwback family is designed to help you remember great times with a nostalgic feeling and help inspire your adventurous future. These long-lasting, affordable lipsticks (they retail for only $8) go on creamy and smooth with full coverage.

For this photoshoot, we selected a local ice cream shop called Frozen Frannie’s in downtown Prescott, Arizona. In addition to amazing lip color, I wore a cozy sweater from Press, the coolest jeans from STS Blue, and my fave platform Vans. Nothing could be better to wear for enjoying a delicious Oreo cookie shake. When I was young, my dad would treat the family with milkshakes at the local diner called Kendall’s Famous Burgers & Ice Cream. Kendall’s is long gone, but the great memories live on. What memories do you have of shakes or family traditions when you were a kid? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly 

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