September 18, 2019

Medieval Times AZ Grand Opening

Outfit Details

Top courtesy of Conditions Apply // Purse & sunnies courtesy of Charles & Keith // Shorts from UO // Sneakers from Steve Madden


It's official! Arizona has a Medieval Times (MT) in Scottsdale! I was lucky enough to be invited to their grand opening on September 6th.  I snapped a few photos before entering the castle and prepared to enjoy a great show. Even though the event was packed, the lines were minimal and wait times were nearly nonexistent! The MT staff was so nice, professional, and stayed in character from beginning to end.


Once inside, we got our tickets and checked out the delicious catered buffet for the grand opening extravaganza. The cast members, who performed in the show, walked around for photo ops and mingling. These aren't normal occurrences, but rather special for the opening evening. The owners made an uplifting speech about how this was only the beginning of a magical adventure. 


The souvenir shops were fully stocked with every medieval trinket you could dream of. I was low-key tempted to buy a beautiful crown, but I resisted. haha After getting a photo with the queen, the arena doors opened and we were summoned to take our seats for the main event and dinner to begin. The set up was colorful, clean, and didn't miss any details. 


We got seats in the red section. We were gifted cups, Arizona trinkets, and cheering banners at our seating areas. As you can see in the table place setting photo, there were no utensils. To be more historically accurate, attendees eat with their hands. Honestly, I didn't know how I would feel, but it ended up being a cool experience. They give out plenty of hand wipes, so you aren't stuck with sticky hands.


After drinks were ordered from the server, the opening ceremony for the show began. Numerous flags and horsemen rode around the area. The queen and her court introduced the competitors/knights. The horses, riders, actors, and servers were all phenomenal. Our rider/knight (the red one) gave out about 10 different roses to women in the audience. I did receive one. He kissed it before throwing it to me. No big deal... lol 


Our server Anthony was attentive and detail orientated. I have allergies to seasoning, onion, and garlic, which we told him immediately after being seated. (Servers go around and ask for any food allergies or diet restrictions like vegetarian or vegan at the beginning, which is great.) He was kind to race back to the kitchen to make sure they could keep a chicken, potato, and corn unseasoned for me. The dinner was delicious! I couldn't have the garlic bread or tomato bisque soup, but my team said they were yummy. I also ordered a First Knight (strawberry pina colada) but without alcohol, which again, they kindly obliged. 

The whole experience was positive and memorable! I will definitely go again. I've been to the ones in California and Texas, and the Scottsdale one is the best out of the 3. I'd like to give a big thank you to Medieval Times Scottsdale and The James Agency for the wonderful evening full of excitement. My team and I had a truly lovely time. I can't wait to take my friends there soon! (We are already in the midst of planning a double date to attend another show!) If you haven't seen it, be sure to check out the hilarious Jimmy Fallon x Post Malone video at Medieval Times! It captures the thrill of being at the arena perfectly. Have you ever been to Medieval Times? Let me know in the comments below. Xoxo, Shelly

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