July 22, 2013

My Style: Back It Up

Today's Look:  is all about going back to school.  Now, as a college student I have a lot more freedom in
wardrobe than I did in high school.  In college there is no dress code, so the shorts are going to be shorter and the tops are going to be a tad smaller, but not ridiculous.  To start the look off, I chose my high-waisted, black, polka-dotted shorts and dark pink crop-top.  Since my post is in honor of back to school, I chose to accessorize with a Southwest canvas backpack.  When picking out outfits for school, I love matching my backpack to my outfit.  Normally, people just buy one and use it till it breaks and carry a purse around as well, which seems like a huge hassle in my mind.  I, on the other hand, love to buy a couple of backpacks and switch it up once in awhile, to match whatever outfit I chose for the day.   Finishing off the look, I chose my black military boots, white socks to match the polka-dots, a cross necklace, three silver rings, and silver, bedazzled hoop earrings.  I also curled my hair to add a feminine touch to a somewhat edgy outfit. 

Outfit Details:  Crop-top by Wet Seal at Wet Seal (Tucson, Arizona), Shorts by Delia's at Delia's (Tucson, Arizona), Backpack by Forever 21 at Forever 21 (Tucson, Arizona), Boots by Steve Madden nordstrom.com, Earrings by BKE at Buckle (Prescott, Arizona), Rings by Aeropostale at Aeropostale (Tucson, Arizona), Necklace by Forever 21 at Forever 21.  

Fashion Tip:  Since summer is coming to an end and back to school shopping is in the works or about to be, remember to focus on buying backpacks as well as clothes.  Growing up, I would always look at people's backpacks and see who is wearing what.  Even though people may not say it, they judge your backpack.  In school, purses tend to be tedious and backpacks are essential, so make sure to buy a backpack or two that compliment your wardrobe.  Southwest inspired backpacks are not only super in right now, but they are also very colorful and work as a great accessory to any ensemble.  Below I included a selection of southwest printed backpacks as well as their links.  

Southwest Backpack: 123456789

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