July 15, 2013

My Style: Skullduggery

Today's Look:  includes glitter, fringe, diagonal hems, and, most importantly, skulls.  Feminine skulls are a major trend that can be found in stores, on celebrities, etc.  Thanks to popular designers, such as Betsey Johnson and Alexander McQueen, skulls have come into style and trickled down from the flashy, high-end runway pieces to mainstream, everyday fashion.  To start the look off, I chose to be a little Goth and wear my black, diagonally hemmed skull dress.  I love this dress because it is comfortable, uniquely cut, and edgy.  I also love that the skull design is girly with swirls, flowers, and hearts. Matching the gray coloring of the skull, I wore silver sandals and jewelry.  Finishing off the look, I wore a black fringe purse, galaxy-looking nail polish, and chain-link, black-rimmed sunglasses.

Outfit Details:  Dress by AnM at Foot Fetish (Prescott, Arizona), Purse by American Eagle at ae.com, Sandals by Montego Bay Club at Payless (Prescott, Arizona), Stone Ring at Disney Vault 28 (Anaheim, California), Sunglasses by Wet Seal at Blink (Anaheim, California), Nail Polish called Hue Brighten My Day by Finger Paints at Sally's (Prescott, Arizona), Bracelet was a gift.

Fashion Tip:  Don't be afraid to wear skulls.  I know some people are still old fashioned, therefore thinking skulls are bad or rebellious, but in the fashion world's eyes they are in and fabulous.  Below,  I hand selected some cute skull items and included their links.  Enjoy!

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