July 12, 2013

My Style: Baggy Sweater & Patterned Shorts

Today's Look:  is all about the Southwest inspired patterned shorts.  With slate blue, black, white, and light brown coloring, the shorts are definitely exciting.  Since the shorts are eye-catching, I wore a simple black, oversized sweater, that I simply tucked in at the front, so the shorts' high-waist could be seen.  To match the black sweater and the shorts' diamond print, I wore black sandals.  Pulling out the brown in the shorts, I wore my suede fringe purse.  If I had worn a black purse, it would have blended in with my sweater too much.  Finishing off the look, I accessorized with a dual metal chain necklace, a white bracelet, stud skull earrings, and two rings. 

Outfit Details:  Sweater at Gap (Scottsdale, Arizona), Shorts by Blu Pepper at Disney Vault 28 (Anaheim, California), Purse by Steve Madden at nordstrom.com, Sandals by Montego Bay Club at Payless (Prescott, Arizona), Necklace by American Eagle at ae.com.

Fashion Tip:  When wearing patterned shorts, wear a solid colored top to accentuate the pattern rather than fight.  Below, I included some pictures of cute patterned shorts and their website links. 

Shorts: 123456789

 Vanessa Hudgens                     Ashley Tisdale                       Rihanna            

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