July 4, 2013

My Style: Red, White, and Blue

Today's Look:  is all about celebrating the 4th of July.  To start the look off, I chose my red crop-top.  The shirt has a v-neck and a faded effect that gives it a unique appearance.  Going along with the crop-top, I chose my high-waisted black skirt and cut-off, light denim vest. The light denim vest added the blue in the outfit, while the top and stud earrings added the red.  Since I wanted the outfit to have all three 4th of July colors, red, white, and blue, I incorporated the white by wearing white sandals, a white bracelet, and a white fringe purse.  

Outfit Details:  Top by Milky Way USA at urbanog.com, Skirt by Cemi Ceri at urbanog.com, Vest by Yes! Miss at Charlotte Russe (Scottsdale, Arizona), Purse by Wet Seal at Blink (Anaheim, California), Sandals by Merona at Target (Prescott, Arizona), Bracelet at Charlotte Russe.

Fashion Tip:  If you are from the U.S.A. or visiting and have 4th of July plans, definitely dress patriotic.  Not only does dressing in red, white, and blue show off your American pride and respect, it's also fun and helps you get into the 4th of July spirit.  Today, you might also incorporate a purple ribbon in honor of the 19 Prescott firemen who died in the Yarnell fire. 


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