July 13, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Avril Lavigne

Style Crush:  Avril Lavigne
Known For:  Singing, Songwriting, Acting
Style:  Punk, Edgy, Rocker, Tomboyish 

This week's Style Crush is the punk princess Avril Lavigne.  Avril Lavigne is a Canadian/French singer-songwriter who came to fame in 2002 at the young age of 17 when she released her first studio album Let Go.  Since her first album release, Avril has gone on to have four studio albums hit Billboard's Top with her second and third album peaking at number 1 in multiple countries around the world.  Avril has had over six number 1 singles including "Sk8ter Boi," "Complicated," "I'm With You," "Nobody's Home," "My Happy Ending," and "Girlfriend."  Her most recent single "Here's to Never Growing Up" has been very successful as well, creating buzz for her fifth album which is soon to be released.  

Even though Avril is best known for being a rock star, she has branched out to creating 3 different perfumes over the years, including Black Star, Forbidden Rose, and Wild Rose, acting and character-voicing, and my favorite, designing her own clothing line titled Abbey Dawn.  Avril's punk style and you'll-never-understand-me personality have become her trademark, which she has evolved over the years.  She used to part her dirty blonde hair down the middle, wear baggy pants, and neckties with t-shirts, which her fans loved!  The tomboy look immediately came back into style thanks to Avril back in the early 2000s. Now that Avril is older, she has lightened her hair and developed a more feminine style.  Still staying true to her love for punk, Avril always adds a rebellious touch to every outfit, whether it's random colors in her hair or wearing combat boots with a frilly dress.  

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