August 29, 2014

My Style: You Can't Make Up With Us

Today's Look:  celebrates being sassy and having fun with it.  The “You Can’t Make Up With Us” crop top is perfect with the shredded, tie-dyed cutoffs, plaid shirt, and gladiator platform sandals.  The look was great for a casual day of exploring and relaxing.  I accessorized with a chevron print backpack, layered bracelet, and bohemian-inspired rings.  I love the clash of the backpack's design with the plaid - it's unexpected yet somehow pleasing.  I packed a comfy blanket, some of favorite new makeup essentials, including a mirror/screen protector on my phone (seriously so handy), and my new book, Bloom: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up Gorgeous to catch up on beauty tips and tricks.  On my downtime, I love reading fashion magazines and beauty books to stay current and gain inspiration; this book specifically has some great ideas and beautiful photos.  Days of relaxation and meditation are even more important now that school is back in session.  Always try to remember to treat yourself to some "me" time, because you deserve it and you're worth it.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Black Top courtesy of Breakups to Makeup ♡ | Plaid Top courtesy of Garage ♡ | Bag courtesy of T-Shirt & Jeans ♡ | Sandals from Steve Madden | Shorts from Immediate Fashion Company | Earrings & Rings from Earthbound Trading Co. | Bracelet from Hello Venice 

Glam Screen by Jonathan Cheban

Glam Screen by Jonathan Cheban

Bloom by Carmindy

Carmindy makeup

Bloom by Carmindy,

Garage Clothing, T-Shirt & Jeans Bag,




  1. Thank you, Bianka :)
    Xoxo, Shelly

  2. Oh my Shelly....each new pic I look and see that you are prettier than I thought in the last one...... you are so chic and everything you wear...... and trust me, darlin, you wear it soooooo well.....
    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan........ made a resolution for this semester on campus....that i would only wear sheer tights with my shorts......... I don't care anymore...I want to look stylish and chic, like you did double dog dare me

  3. you look amazingggggg!