August 10, 2014

Music: Osheaga Music & Arts Festival

Noelle, Rachel, and Me

Last weekend, I had the honor of joining Garage, a Canadian based clothing company, at the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival in MontrĂ©al, Canada.  Besides the awesome music, three things made this trip magical: I had never been to Canada before but always wanted to visit, Garage is one of my favorite clothing brands, and two of my favorite bloggers Rachel of Jag Lever and Noelle of Noelle's Favorite Things were coming as well.  So when I won the Garage Festival contest, I was over the moon!  The contest prizes allowed for me to bring one person along with me, hotel paid for, a food budget, an Instax camera, and a shopping spree.  My older brother, Billy, (who is a professional photographer) accompanied me.  

The Garage crew was very welcoming and fun to be around.  It was amazing to get a behind the scenes look in the Garage headquarters and meet all the wonderful people.  It's truly incredible how much goes into a fashion company.  After the company tour and shopping spree (so we were all decked out in Garage clothing all weekend), it was off to the music festival.  Osheaga was insane!  Everywhere I turned I saw large crowds of teens and young twenty somethings dressed in their best festival looks, eating the most delicious junk/carnival food, and jamming to their favorite bands.  The energy and movement of it all was so intoxicating and like nothing I'd experienced before.  My favorite performances included Chromeo, Haim, Jack White, Kate Nash, Cherub, and Lorde.  

On top of the music being phenomenal and the fashion being fabulous, I will never forget the friendships created.  Rachel and Noelle were even cooler than I imagined and the Garage group was a blast!  I definitely had an unforgettable trip and I hope the photos below help share my journey.  

❤ Thank you Garage for everything! ❤

Xoxo, Shelly

Montreal's Garage Storefront | shopping at Garage w/ their intern Kate | Instax cam | Osheaga wristbands 
Day 1 look :)
Candid group pic | Haim rocking out | Nutella, banana, & naan bread dessert  | first day Instax pics
Day 2 look :)
Breakfast at Eggspectations  | big bro & little sis pic | crazy crowd (at just 1 of the 5 stages) | Noelle, Rachel, & me
Day 3 look :)
Amazing view of Kate Nash | delicious hot dog | me, Rachel, Kate, Noelle, & Jo | warm welcome home


  1. awesome photos! :)
    Emma xx

  2. Such a great post! Amazing pictures!

    Madison Martine

  3. Congrats! Love your looks....... your style, as I've mentioned before. Wanted to tell you....and then I see you wearing the same thing on day one of your trip..... I started wearing sheer nylons (just like you...sheer black) with my shorts....mine were black just like yours..... we must be kindred spirits.....
    for my first day back at college...... I"m a dance major by the way.
    and.....I share your love for clothes from Misguided...I have bought like 5 of their romper/playsuits.

    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan from New England...... please keep up the inspire me sooooo much

    1. Jayme, thank you for your kind words :)

    2. Shelly:
      You're too kind yourself to take the time to respond.
      I hope you don't think of me as weird....or at least too weird....... I've been in ballet since I was 5, and have always embraced my "feminine" side growing up. All my friends have been girls, and so on and so on. I learned to love fashion from my mom, a hairstylist and beauty consultant. I've been reading her Vogues since I was a boy.
      You are a natural beauty, and you have a great eye for style. The way you carry yourself is with a beautiful confidence.
      With your permission I will happily continue to follow your blog.