August 23, 2014

My Style: Lace and Bamboo

Today's Look:  was taken in front of a patch of bamboo I discovered at the end of a small, charming street in my hometown.  Bamboo is known to bend and not break in the worst of weather, and it’s compared to a person’s character and essence withstanding the storms of life.  Some believe bamboo brings luck or signifies keeping true to yourself (fitting for the start of a new school year).  I felt the setting was perfect for an outfit that was both innocent and sexy, conservative and edgy.  For my styling, I like to stay true to myself, staying feminine but having a bit of toughness or touch of quirkiness.  This pretty lace bustier dress combined with a soft, knitted sweater and black cut out boots with funky socks are a perfect combination of sweet, fun, and sexy.  Hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I enjoyed styling it.  Xoxo, Shelly

Outfit Details:  Dress, Necklace, & Sweater courtesy of Garage ♡ | Bag & Boots courtesy of AMI Clubwear ♡ | Phone Case, Earrings, & Watch courtesy of Charlotte Russe ♡ | Socks courtesy of Soxxy ♡ | Gold Bands from Forever 21 | Skull Ring from Charming Charlie | Sparkly Gold Band from Premier Designs | Eye-Shaped Ring from Black Hound Gallerie

Fashion Tip:  Fab socks paired with cut-out ankle boots is a must-try this fall!  Keeps your feet warm and styling.




  1. beautiful photos !! I love the shoes !

    kisses ^^

    my handmade life blog

  2. Loved everything about this outfit right from socks, shoes to dress! The entire attire looks so graceful !