July 16, 2017

My Style: Pre-Fall

Monsoon season has arrived in Prescott, AZ, and with it often comes chilly winds that help cool off 100 degree days. As we transition from high summer to pre-fall, I start getting obsessed with sweaters. So, when I came upon this sweater coat, a coat made entirely of warm, 100 percent Merino Wool, I thought: "YES please. Where have you been all my life and how soon can you become mine?" I ordered a size small and it fits perfectly. The sweater coat is made in Ireland, a country known for its fine wool.

Another staple piece in this look is the romper. I loooove this romper. I have worn it to girls' night (where we watched The Bachelorette and fell in love with Dean & Peter), church (where I help with the slideshow during worship & sermon), and family dinner (where my family gathers at my grandparents' home to catch up and spend time together.) It is a romper that is great for numerous occasions and outings. I ordered a size medium and it fits great! Its soft material and modest cut make it very comfortable and versatile.

For accessories, I chose a beautiful tote, pendant necklace layered with a choker, leather hat, and leather boots. I like to experiment with many different styles in my personal life and on my blog, but bohemian is always my favorite. What is your personal style? I'd love to hear in the comments. Xoxo, Shelly



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