July 25, 2017

My Style: Fifty Shades of White

Monsoon season will always hold a special place in my heart. The smell of a fresh rain, the relaxing overcast gloom, and the greenery that comes as a result are a few of my favorite things. Just when things appear to be gone for good, monsoon season brings everything back to life. With the beautiful also comes the wild life such as mosquitos and spiders, all that lovely side of nature. You can't tell, but this photoshoot was a near war zone, humans vs. bloodsuckers, but we survived and so did they. Note to self: wear bug spray during monsoon season.

For this look, I wore a beautiful Noa Elle blouse. The top features a lace-up design down the center, which inspired me to layer the piece; I went with a simple slip-on dress. Both items are breathable and light, which are necessary on a warm, muggy day. (Speaking of muggy, was anyone else hooked on Love Island season 3? I could not stop watching. I also enjoyed learning the slang and vocabulary the cast used.) I wore subtly-funky, giraffe-patterned Happy Socks with heeled, vegan Faryl Robin boots. I finished the look with a patterned, brown backpack from Peru and a tan wide-rim hat. For me, this look is all about the playfulness of mixing off-whites, tans, browns, and beige together. It's monochromatic, but far from boring. Xoxo, Shelly


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