March 14, 2018

My Style: Adulting

What does it mean to be an adult? I cannot believe that I have actually hit an age (the ripe old age of 24) in which having a day to clean out closets and organize my bedroom is emotionally satisfying. Seriously, have I reached adulthood? Don’t most of us feel like we are grown up once we graduate high school and can vote? Or is it the moment we finally can drink in a bar downtown? For me, adulting truly began when I began to show discipline in my daily life. Cooking homemade meals versus grabbing fast food on the way home from classes or work, doing laundry instead of throwing it down the laundry shoot for magical fairies to take care of (aka my parents), reading a book that doesn’t include a high school romance or mermaids, etc. It slowly creeps up on you and one day BAM! You realize you’re actually acting somewhat like an adult. 

One thing I hope not to lose is my creativity and guts. As children, we play and dream constantly with no fear of judgment or failure. As adults, many of us are so caught up in the daily rituals of adulting that we forget to keep the inner child alive and well. One of the reasons I have a passion for blogging, photography, and graphic design is my work keeps me young. It forces me to continue to create and dream. I would love to hear how you keep “young” in this adult world of obligations, deadlines, taxes, student loans, mortgages, and family holiday gatherings (haha). Here’s to keeping your inner child alive! Xoxo, Shelly 

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