April 15, 2013

My Style: Bright Red Skinny Jeans

Today's Look:  includes a pair of bright red skinny jeans, bedazzled spike necklace, and a shirt with a lace skull on it.  Yesterday, I wore a girly, floral maxi dress, so today I felt like dressing a little rebellious and tougher.  I just bought these skinny jeans after months of searching for the perfect pair and I had been dying to wear them. Since the pants are so bright and happy, I figured wearing them with the dark skull shirt made them less preppy.  Even though I am not a goth or emo, I am in love with this shirt.  It's feminine yet fierce.

Outfit Details:  Pants by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's, Shirt by Express, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace by BP at Nordstrom.

Fashion Tip:  Never limit your style by labeling yourself or how you think people expect you to dress.  My style isn't preppy, goth, emo, girly, sporty, or anything that can be described/labeled like that.  My style is influenced by whatever mood I'm in. I always wear what I feel like wearing, which makes my style unique and unpredictable.  Just be you and have fun with fashion!

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