April 2, 2013

My Style: Outfit Transformation from Daytime to Nighttime

Daytime outfits are different from nighttime outfits. For one, the sun is out so it's warmer, but also our daytime activities (shopping, swimming, school, lunch, work, etc.) are normally more casual than what we have planned for the night (clubbing, movies, date, dinner, etc.).  Today I was a total girl and went shopping all afternoon, until it was time to get ready for my night plans, which were to attend the MIM Rocks Fashion Show during PHX Fashion Week. 

F.Y.I. if you have never been to a fashion show, here's a tip: wear heels and a dress or skirt with a nice blouse! This was my first fashion show (of many to come), so I wasn't completely sure of the dress code.  Luckily, I made some changes to my outfit before I left for the show. I swapped out my comfy flats for some strappy, black heels, my big cross-body bag, for a sleek clutch, and got rid of the sunglasses. Unless you're famous, you have no reason to wear sunglasses at night.

Fashion Tip:  Wear sequins or something sparkly to a fashion show.  A lot of people just wear black or solid colors, so wearing sequins will not only look glamorous under all the lights, but it will also make you stand out.  I cannot tell you how many people complimented my skirt. At a fashion show, everyone is judging everyone on what they are wearing, so be bold and confident.  Nothing is more attractive than confidence (and sequins). ;)

The final nighttime outfit:

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