April 26, 2013

My Style: A Touch of Turquoise

Today's Look:  is thanks to my favorite local stores, Clothes Hound and Foot Fetish.  I wore a layered off-white, loose t-shirt, simple, dark-blue jeans, pair of brown, leather ankle boots, turquoise velvet purse, and a multicolored beaded necklace.  The purse is my favorite part of this outfit.  The Chanel inspired design and brightly colored material makes the bag a one-of-a-kind. The turquoise purse matches the turquoise beads in the necklace, adding a pop of color.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Ya Los Angeles at Foot Fetish, Jeans by Levi's at Macy's, Boots by Splendid at Clothes Hound, Purse by Nila Anthony at Clothes Hound.  

Fashion Tip:  A touch of turquoise is a must this season.  

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