April 22, 2013

My Style: Shimmery Poncho

Today's Look:  includes a shimmery poncho, charcoal skinny jeans, and black military boots.  The shimmery poncho is two sizes too big for me, but I love it.  It has a loose/casual fit, but the sparkles dress it up.  To be consistent with my leathers, I wore black leather boots with a black leather purse.  Finishing off the outfit, I added tarnished gold jewelry pieces that included a couple of rings, earrings, and a heart pendant necklace. 

Outfit Details:  Top by Forever 21, Jeans by Express, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace by Forever 21, Nail Polish by OPI.  

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a girly, shimmery top with a casual outfit, try pairing the top with jeans and boots or simple sandals to dull down the sparkle, rather than wearing shimmery shoes that clash.  The focus should be on the top.  

Photos by Kiersten Shae Photography 

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