April 18, 2013

My Style: Breaking all the Rules

Today's Look:   is all about breaking the well known rules of fashion.  Normally, you are not supposed to wear brown with black, navy with black, OR a black leather purse with brown leather boots.  I broke all three rules in this one outfit.  Why? Because it looked good.  The black skinny jeans made the white under-layer of the shirt pop. The white under-layer of the shirt worked as a perfect divider of the navy and black colored items, allowing me to wear the colors together.  The black purse works because of the matching black color of the pants. I also love that the purse isn't distracting from the ensemble, but rather complimentary. The brown boots go well with the color of my hair, relaxed cut of the shirt, and unique design of the necklace.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Potter's Pot, Pants by Else at Macy's, Boots by Steve Madden, Purse by Betsey Johnson, Necklace at PacSun, Earrings by Lucky Brand at Dillard's. 

Fashion Tip:  When considering breaking a fashion rule, as long as you know what you're doing, go for it.  Make the rule more of a suggestion in your mind.  I once thought denim-on-denim was a huge fashion faux pas, but I have seen it pulled off nicely before.  

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