May 23, 2013

My Style: Hand of Peace

Today's Look:  is all about the shirt which features the Hand of Peace and Eye of Truth.  The shirt's intricate design stands out with thick black lining and gold detailing on bright turquoise material with a jersey cut. Matching the black on the shirt, I wore my black skinny jeans and suede ankle boots.  Since the outfit is mostly turquoise, black, and gold, I wore a very colorful bag that features reds, greens, yellows, blues, and even white. Finishing off the look, I accessorized with gold/turquoise earrings and two rings.  

Outfit Details:  Shirt by Fifth Sun at Target (Prescott, AZ), Pants by Else at Macy's (Scottsdale, AZ), Boots by Steve Madden at,  Earrings by With Love from California at Pacsun (Tucson, AZ).

Fashion Tip:  Black boots with a slight heel worn with black skinny jeans help lengthen as well as slenderize the appearance of your legs.  

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