May 9, 2013

My Style: Stripes and Bright Pink Tights

Today's Look:  is all about being bold with solid stripes and bright colors.  Now that it's full on springtime, it's time for dresses and crazy colors.  I couldn't wait to wear my bright pink tights, so I decided today was the day.  The dress is a deep burgundy along with black, which complimented the tights.  To tie the funky assortment together, I added a multicolored necklace that had the burgundy, black, and pink within it's design.  Finishing off the look, I wore my classic black Troopa boots and Betsey bag.  

Outfit Details:  Dress by City Triangles at JC Penny, Tights by Merona at Target, Boots by Steve Madden at Macy's, Purse by Betsey Johnson at, Necklace at World Market. 

Fashion Tip:  When wearing a dress, adding tights makes an outfit more complete looking and also adds color/ detailing.  

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