May 18, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Selena Gomez

Style Crush:  Selena Gomez
Known For: Singing, Songwriting, Acting
Style:  Feminine, Sophisticated, Elegant 

This week's Style Crush is the lovely Selena Gomez.  Selena Gomez is an American singer and actress that first made an appearance on Barney & Friends as a child.  In 2007, Selena came to fame when she starred on the Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place.  Since then, Selena has gone on to starring in multiple blockbuster movies such as Monte Carlo, Hotel Transylvania, and Spring Breakers and is set to release her 4th album this year.

Even though Selena has grown up in Hollywood in the public's eye, she never seemed to go through that awkward phase. She has always had style and class.  Her presence on the red carpet always causes a stir, whether it's about who she's with, what she's doing, or what she's wearing.  Her fashion sense is more mature and sophisticated than most would expect from a young women, and for that she has earned the fashion world's respect and admiration.  Selena's sweet radiance is one of a kind and her style is phenomenal. 

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