May 25, 2013

Style Crush Saturday: Taylor Swift

Style Crush:  Taylor Swift
Known For:  Singing, Songwriting, Performing
Style:  Flirty, Feminine, Glamorous

This week's Style Crush is the one of my favorite artists, Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift is an American musician who came to fame at the young age of 16 with the release of her first album, self-titled Taylor Swift..  Her third single "Our Song" not only was a hit on the country stations, but also went mainstream, taking the music world by storm.  Since then, Taylor has gone on to win 7 Grammy Awards, 11 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and many others.

Growing up on a pine tree farm in Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Taylor definitely had country in her blood.  Not only did she love country music, but she also loved country style, which showed at the beginning of her career.  Cowgirl boots, flirty dresses, and ringlet blonde hair will forever be known as the classic Taylor Swift look.  After her teenage years though, Taylor lost the boots and curls and went for a more mature, hipster vibe.  Even though her hair is straighter, and her shoes are more U.K. than U.S.A., Taylor will always be the Princess of Country.  

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